Writer of Wrongs

Photograph by Kenny Selko

Sandra Ann Miller is a sometime screenwriter, intermittent blogger, active author and independent publisher living in Venice, California. A native of Los Angeles and graduate of the California Institute of the Arts, Sandra toiled in the film industry for over a decade…and the stories she could tell if not for the confidentiality agreements. Working on everything from Pumpkinhead II to Alien Resurrection, and as executive assistant to actors, producers and company chiefs, she left the trenches of Hollywood to write, and consult for small businesses and non-profits. She currently provides consulting services and collaborative editing to other independent authors and aspiring writers.

Sandra’s first book, A Sassy Little Guide to Getting Over Him was released on her own imprint, SAME Ink (2006), back when “indie publishing” had the shadow of “vanity press”. The book has a strong following of sassy women all over the world. The Young Adult edition of the Guide was released in May of 2017 — the same sane advice of the original served in an age-appropriate manner.

Her first novel, Chain-Smoking Vegetarians and Other Annoyances in L.A., was released in June 2016. Her follow-up novel, Temporary, will be released at the end 2017. Sandra writes (very) short fiction over at Medium.

An avid student of Life and its humorous underbelly, Sandra enjoys yoga, long walks on the beach and flipping off tweeting about stupid drivers every chance she gets. You can reach Sandra through Twitter, Facebook or the handy Contact page. Subscribe to her monthly newsletter, SiP on This, here. Social media links are provided in the footer below.

I truly enjoy connecting with readers and other writers. The community of the written word is amazing, and one of my greatest joys is the friendship made with some truly incredible people through that little pink book. I hope that continues.