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How unlucky can one lucky lady be? 

Temporary: a novel available on Amazon, iTunes, KoboNook, Google Play and SmashwordsOr be independent and buy it on IndieBound.

TEMPORARY COVER 5x8Helen Clark won the lottery and lost everything. While it wasn’t the “mega” win, it was enough to change her life — quit her job as a starlet’s assistant, start a new business and have success. But another’s poor decisions brought that dream to an end, and Helen was left with less than nothing.

But Helen Clark is a lucky lady. With a job offer from a former colleague, Helen is now heading permanent placement at a temporary agency specializing in the insanity of the entertainment industry. As she rebuilds her life, her own past mistakes cast a shadow on her future and jeopardize her relationship with a proverbial unicorn. How can anyone so fortunate have this much bad luck? One thing that Helen has learned is to hold onto the good and let the bad pass because, at the end of the day, everything is temporary.

Real Reader Reviews:

★★★★★ Excellent Read… The characters are delightful which makes you want to keep reading to find out what is going to happen next…

★★★★★ Fun, brilliantly written romp through LA lifeThe writing is vulnerable and tongue in cheek at the same time, as it glides through the emotions and situations of life’s roller coasters.

★★★★★ Loved this book!… Sandra Ann Miller is refreshingly blunt in her depiction of the important things in life—true friendship, unconditional love, and faith in oneself.

Can anyone find a happy ending in L.A.? 

Chain-Smoking Vegetarians and Other Annoyances in L.A. available on Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Nook and Google PlayAlso available at IndieBound booksellers.

SANDRA COVERThe only more annoying than being stuck in traffic, the blinding blitzkrieg of paps, or a chain-smoking vegetarian’s health rant, is having every you ever wanted in the palm of your hand, and the rug swiftly pulled out from under you.

El Patterson’s dreams were on the verge of coming true when a tragic twist of fate took it all away. Facing the official end of her early thirties, with not much to show for it, El has to find her footing and the guts to go after the life she really wants.

Real Reader Reviews:

★★★★★ Excellent Read… You really get into the characters and times you can’t stop laughing while other times you want to cry.

★★★★★ A fun escape into the entertainment world… The characters are very well written, and the storyline flows at a wonderful pace.

★★★★★ I could not put it down Very engaging and entertaining, wanted more at the end…

★★★★★ Fabulous read Behind the wit and sarcasm are some valuable lessons and poignant insights about love, friendship, and what really matters in life.

★★★★ Delicious Read!… Engaging, witty and with an insiders view of the industry leaving you wanting more!

★★★★★ What a wonderful book! If you want to laugh and cry, buy this book!… I fell in love with her characters.

★★★★ Fun read… It was definitely L.A.

★★★★★ Great Beach Read-Don’t Wait For Summer!… Very clever with some truly snarky characters.

★★★★★ I found that the author did a fantastic job… It was funny and enlightening and made me think.

Oh, to be Young and Sassy!

SASSYYAcopyAfter many requests, the Young Adult edition of A Sassy Little Guide to Getting Over Him is here!

The book is age-appropriate for high schoolers, but speaks to them like the young adults they are. Giving straight-up advice served with compassion and laugh-out-loud humor to remind the reader that she determines her fate…not the guy who broke her heart.  A Sassy Little Guide to Getting Over Him the Young Adult edition is short, sweet and to the sharp point of how to handle the hurt and start the healing. Available on iTunes and Amazon. This book is digital only.

First, you played by The RulesThen, you found out He’s Just Not That Into YouNow, it’s time to Get Over Him!

Cover design by Michiko Stehrenberger

A SASSY LITTLE GUIDE TO GETTING OVER HIM – 10 Steps to Heal Your Heart After an Unhappy Ending (SAME Ink) is a “reality check you can cash”. Writer Sandra Ann Miller mixes wit with wisdom gained from her own unhappy endings to help the newly single put the pain into amusing perspective.

Sassy has sparked a revolution on how women handle the end of a relationship. The Guide’s 10 Steps provide the survival skills required to make it through a breakup with dignity and pride intact.  Laugh-out-loud humor is tempered with compassion as the reader is reminded that she determines her fate…not the man who broke her heart.  A Sassy Little Guide to Getting Over Him is short, sweet and to the sharp point of how to manage the hurt — as well as the burgeoning insanity — and start the healing. On AmazoniTunes and Kobo. Also available through IndieBound booksellers.

“A wonderful and helpful guide that every woman should have on her bookshelf.  The ten steps are right on the mark.  A Sassy Little Guide to Getting Over Him is a funny and empowering antidote for a broken heart.”
Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider
Co-authors of
The Rules

“I wish I could have read this book years ago.  Whether you’re looking for the next Mr. Right or not, every woman can learn from A Sassy Little Guide to Getting Over Him.  It’s just brilliant.”
Cheryl Tiegs

A SASSY LITTLE GUIDE TO GETTING OVER HIM – 10 Steps to Heal Your Heart After an Unhappy Ending (formerly titled A Girlfriend’s Guide to Getting Over Him) is available on (US and UK), at select Barnes & Noble and finer independent booksellers.
ISBN #1-4243-1525-5, 128 pages, 5×8.

Real Reader Reviews:


I would like to start by saying, “Thanks!!!” Your book was the reality check I needed. You confirmed some of the options I didn’t have. Like calling him and crying over year old spilled milk. Getting Over Him is a book that every woman should carry around with them like a tampon, because you never know when you will need it. I read this book in a day and not because it is short and salty, lol. It is because I could not put it down. You are a raw realist and this is what one needs after being dismissed from a nightmare. I realized yes this relationship was a nightmare indeed and that it was not the rose colored Romeo and Juliet glasses I had on during the brief affair. Every feeling I had you wrote it as if you were one of my girlfriends. Thanks again, I will read it again and again if the urge for this loser ever arise.  I just had to reply regarding my sincere thanks for writing this book.

VV Ricks

Hello Sandra,

I just wanted you to know I just read your book from start to finish right now. It was amazing and I know it will help me=) I have been in a on/off relationship for the past 4 yrs w/my boyfriend..and now I know that I need to stay away from him.  Well, thanks and I hope to read some more of your books!

Take Care,

The Sensible, Witty “Best Friend” Everyone Should Have
By Elizabeth P. (Los Angeles, CA) -★★★★★

There’s nothing like a good dose of truth and logic, wrapped up nicely with witty and appropriate analogies, to get you moving on with your life after a break up. Ms. Miller provides an easy-to-read-and-understand guide for accepting reality and not wasting time “what-iffing” a situation that wasn’t meant to be. Her sense of humor is warm and her advice is so sensible it’s impossible to ignore!

What to give someone you love who is hurting
By Laura T. Garmendia “laurag56” (Red Lion, PA) -★★★★★

This little book has tons of great advice to help someone who is having a difficult time get over a relationship. I only wish I had known about it sooner.

More Than Just Break-Up Advice!
By A. Armstrong (LA) -★★★★★

I happened to read this book after I had been in a “bad relationship” with a terrible job, and was in the process of starting over and trying to find a better position – something that I would be with for a long, satisfying time. I found all of the steps (slightly modified to fit the content, obviously), to help me heal from my past job experiences and to have the self-confidence and chutspa to go out and land the job of my dreams. This book isn’t just about learning to heal from a bad relationship, it is about remembering how none of us deserve to be mistreated in the first place. Thanks, Ms. Miller – your book changed my life!

Brilliant, funny, insightful and fabulous!
By Julie Farha (Scottsdale, AZ) -★★★★★

4 things we need to remember about ourselves when going through those icky times! Sandra captures it all in a fun way. She makes a very difficult time much easier to manage. That jagged little pill now has smooth, round edges. I wish I had this when I went through my worst one! Even if you are one of the rare ones who have never experienced a bad break up, you’ll enjoy this little gem.

By Mary Louise Gemmill (Santa Monica, CA) -★★★★★

Loved, loved, loved this little pink book! After spending TWO VERY PAINFUL YEARS “Getting Over Him”. I picked up this little gem and read it in one sitting. I made an oath to send it to every girlfriend who is faced with an unhappy ending. Girls, be a great girlfriend, stick with these ten steps – preach these ten steps and you might be astonished how quickly our hearts will mend, and open us up to the love we’ve always dreamed of. This isn’t hype, this book is the best girlfriend you can have in a heart-breaking emergency! Sandra’s witty, heart-to-heart, truthful and poignant steps…will set you free! GIRLFRIEND’S GUIDE TO GETTING OVER HIM…RULES!

Never too old to get over him
By Marilyn Perrin (Kingman, AZ) -★★★★★

Whether you’ve been “dumped” by a boyfriend or husband. “A Girlfriends Guide to Getting Over Him” hits the target. At 70, I wish her book was available 15 years ago during my divorce. I read it, loved it, and sent a copy to a friend who is going through it. Thanks Sandra for such a great tool.

Read, Absorb, Apply, Repeat
By Jordana Kotlus (O-V-E-R him in LA) -★★★★★

This book has the practical advice we all need to hear, blended with the author’s unique wit, also featuring some ingenious analogies. It’s a straightforward wake-up call to your self-esteem, reminding you to take care of #1 and forget about #2. Yes, I just called him #2. As in…you know. Ms. Miller’s book has a permanent place on my bookshelf!

Sandra says like it is – Hurray ! Truth Speaks Volumes
By Ellen Vaughn (Arizona) -★★★★★

Thank heaven for Sandra’s book. Celebrate and Cheer with an apple martini…finally author Sandra Miller has launched a most practical guide for getting over him. A must read for every woman regardless of relationship status.

I appreciate her blunt honesty and witty humor a perfect combination of strength and compassion. Sometimes we need to laugh at ourselves after we’ve learned these lessons (steps). Sometimes we need to hear these truths (steps) from friends and other times we need to speak these truths to friends who are in the midst of any one of these steps. This book helps to “couch” the honesty of perspective.

You know the saying…friends are like bras, close to your heart and always there for support. So show your support for the sisterhood by buying two copies one for you and one for a friend. You will laugh and cry at the “truth” between the covers…Sandra nails it!

Dumped, sad and surrounded by pizza boxes? Order this book, shower and go out and celebrate yourself!
By Melissa Joy Manning -★★★★★

I loved it. Ms. Miller has an amazing wit that makes a painful subject matter engaging and humorous. It’s not a caustic, cynical, “I hate men tome” but rather a loving, reverent account of how to take a negative interpersonal experience, spin it and come out better for having gone through it. Peppered with great anecdotes and insights, “A Girlfriend’s Guide To Getting Over Him” will make even the saddest dumped girl, crying in her pjs, unshowered and surrounded by takeout boxes, laugh and recover the joy of being a woman. Buy it. Read it. Get over it.