Me vs. Amazon KDP

Dear Friends:

Due to Amazon’s refusal to print the cover as intended (with the letters spilling off the edges), I have had to remove the paperback from their store. It makes me sad because I want readers to have a choice in where and how they make their purchase and Amazon is a favorite for many (plus, I wanted to offer the ebook free with paperback purchase, which Amazon offers). You can order the paperback through any bookseller via the ISBN number (978-0-9997625-1-6), and I’ll be setting up a retail shop on my website soon wherein you would be purchasing from the IngramSpark Aerio distribution (drop-shipped directly to you).

I have been trying to work with Amazon to get them to see the silliness in this matter (all because the letters go off the edge). I believe as an independent author/publisher, I have a right to such a design choice. As IngramSpark, the company who does the POD for all the major publishing houses, did approve the cover should rather prove the point with Amazon, but they will not budge. That left me with little choice than to remove the paperback from Amazon. It will be available in a few weeks when IngramSparks takes over the distribution on Amazon.

I do apologize for this inconvenience if you were planning on purchasing the paperback from Amazon, and appreciate your patience and support. I’ll let you know when the shop on my site is ready.

SAM xo

P.S. ~ Below is a photo of the paperback. The book on the left is the proof copy from Amazon KDP. The right is the book from IngramSpark. I still think it’s a striking cover and can’t quite see why Amazon won’t approve it. Can you?


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